Frequently Asked Questions!

What is Alcoholic Seltzer?
Alcoholic Seltzer is simply Alcoholic Sparkling Water. In fact, that’s exactly what the word Seltzer means; ‘sparkling water’.

Why drink Aqua Boogie Alcoholic Seltzer?
The real question is, why wouldn’t you drink Aqua Boogie? It’s delicious, light, refreshing and only 99 Calories per 355ml can. It’s Low Sugar, Low Carb, Low Gluten and Vegan Friendly and they taste INSANELY good.

What makes Aqua Boogie Alcoholic Seltzer so tasty?
Aqua Boogie is light, fruity, and refreshing. No bloated, stomach-full-feel here. They have just enough natural flavour and have no added sugar, so they're crisp, dry, and flavoursome. And of course, they don't taste super sweet, meaning you can have as many as you want without getting a sugar headache.

How do we make Aqua Boogie Alcoholic Seltzer?
Aqua Boogie is made by Wolf of the Willows Brewing.

We naturally BREW our seltzer in the same way we brew beer, we just opt for rice and corn rather than barley and wheat. We have a way of making our Seltzers come out super clean, crisp and refreshing by using our special house yeast that turns our rice and corn into a neutral beer base. Because the process is all natural, some really cool flavours have been able to emerge from the fermentation process. This really lets the flavour shine, creating the signature Aqua Boogie taste!

What does low gluten mean?

Whilst Aqua Boogie uses gluten free rice and corn, we can't guarantee that some of the beery gluten that may be left over from previous beer brewing doesn't sneak in. As we're a real brewery and not a chemist lab we're effectively a giant gluten factory, meaning it’s pretty tricky to ensure Aqua Boogie contains absolutely no gluten. We had some professional people suss it out, and they tell us that Aqua Boogie contains <10 mg/Kg, or <10PPM of gluten. In technical terms, this means it is 'low' in gluten, so definitely be careful if you are sensitive to gluten!

 How should you drink Aqua Boogie?

The best part of Aqua Boogie is that you can drink it anyway you like. Whether that’s out of the can, over ice, with mates or on your own, it works! Our favourite way is to grab some ice and a glass, pour over, and 'add a little twist' of your favourite citrus fruit to garnish.

If you really want to rev it up, grab a nip of your favourite spirit and drink it as a boilermaker or mix it in with your boogie of choice. Think Natural Cola and Rye Whiskey, Ginger Lime and Tequila, or Pineapple Mango and Vodka - you’ll thank us later ;)

Is this an Australian business?
Aqua Boogie is made by Wolf of the Willows Brewing which is 100% independent, Australian family owned and operated business. No money gets boogied into overseas corporate pockets here.

How big is a can of Aqua Boogie?

355ml per can - a bigger serve than 90% of other Alcoholic Seltzers on the market.

No two sips and its done.... Best yet the cans fit a normal sized tinnie holder, very handy on those hot beachie seltzer days.

How many standards drinks are in each can of Aqua Boogie?
1.1 standard drink per can

How do the calories compare to other drinks?
A 355ml can of Aqua Boogie has almost half the calories of traditional RTDs and cider.

How much sugar is in each can of Aqua Boogie?
The tiny amount of <0.35 of a gram!

  Is Aqua Boogie vegan friendly?

Dah. There are absolutely no animal-based products used to brew Aqua Boogie. No animals are harmed in the process, which means you can kick back and relax guilt free.

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